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There is a new shop opening in December called Boheme Apotheca!

We will be located in the heart of downtown Livingston, MT – Featuring an apothecary for teas/herbs, and wellness products, as well as handmade jewelry, art, and vintage from our online shops Hermetic Mountain, and Beatific Vintage.

We will also be showcasing other artists and makers from all over the world! Visit our instagram @bohemeapotheca for all the latest info!

If you are an artist or a maker of things and would like to sell your wares in our shop, please contact us at:

Our website is up, but currently under maintenance – feel free to browse around while we get things going.  Boheme Apotheca

Stay tuned 🙂

Amy + Dan McLeod



New Patreon post! Handmade organic skincare by Hermetic Mountain + calling artists!

This weekend, and past week has been a whirlwind of excitement! From our impromptu visit to Yellowstone National Park with a new friend (and amazing astrologer) who was passing through, to nonstop making things for the shop we are about to open! The amount of inspiration we have gathered lately has been immense, and reaffirms our need to create this business, Bohème Apothēca!

After brewing up shop names for a few days, this one finally came to me, and once it did, I knew that’s what the name was.

The name Bohème Apothēca is an homage to my ancestors from Bohemia, and Apothēca is Latin for apothecary.. which is what it will mostly be. A Bohemian apothecary. A place for artists and creative people to gather, and to share what they have to offer, and maybe have a cup of tea while they shop eco-fashions, and handmade jewelry.

Gearing up for a pop-up shop end of November! We already have a handful of artists and creators who are interested in participating! If you are reading this and you know of someone who would be interested in selling their wares in our shop, please contact us with pictures at:

Above is just one of the many items we made this weekend! Our much loved organic lotion bars in the Winter Queen scent, another homage to my Bohemian ancestors! Living in such a dry climate, these are a major necessity in my house during those long harsh winter months.

These will now be offered in certain tier levels, especially since “Winter is Coming”

Thanks for your ever loving support, and continuing to bear with us during this amazing transition!


Amy McLeod


©️Hermetic Mountain

First and foremost we would like to thank you for stopping by. We are glad you found us!! Please let us know if you would like to use our photography before posting on your own website. All of our pictures are taken, owned, and copyrighted by us, and it is against the law to use our pictures without permission. We are a small family business and take pride in what we do. Unfortunately we have seen a few fraudulent blogs out there, and it’s absolutely disgusting that people who seem to be on a similar path, choose to steal your images for their own monetary benefit. We understand we are unique individuals who inspire many. However- please please please give credit when credit is due. It takes two seconds to ask permission. We appreciate all of you for joining us on this journey, feel free to email us with any questions. Thank you for your respect (to those who have!)

Hermetic Mountain Sacred Smudge Incense

Note to fraud: As a spiritual person it was absolutely crushing to see our pictures on your “spiritual” website- selling your smudge sticks. Just know that we are watching… and so are the gods, and they do not appreciate what you did.

To anyone who has been doing this for years, make sure to google search certain things pertaining to your business. There are some vultures out there who are looking to cash in. They are unoriginal, inauthentic people who are disappointed in their own lives, and still have a lot to learn.

Custom Smudge Sticks by Hermetic Mountain- Pollinated by our local bees

Be well my friends, be well.

All is mind.

– Amy McLeod

Hermetic Mountain

Ambient clutter

Lately, I’ve been removing all the ambient clutter around the house, unnecessary material things hidden in closets, corners and drawers of accumulātiō. For me this causes a certain amount of background static, internally and externally. Freakishly dusting shelves, cleaning the floors, and making sure that all the laundry is done. We are a reflection of our environment. That can definitely go for the mind as well. The other day I was switching out purses and found some old memorabilia from the scary ghost town we resided in two years ago. If you remember us from back then, it was all very much about survival. It wasn’t easy and we dont talk publicly about it, but recently, we’ve been more engaged with our community as they want to learn more about us.. only giving little slices of what we went thru, we try to laugh it off, but ultimately, talking about it brings us back to that time and place. Lessons learned during a test of perseverance.

In nature, we find ourselves letting go of the past malefic with a new approach, while still considering the hermetic principal: “all is mind.” Reminders of the past do not adhere to today’s achievements. Gaining inspiration to do the opposite of how we did things, and coming at it from a more healed perspective, less relenting.

After writing that last night, this morning there was a ghostly moment with minor glimpses and ramblings of a crazy person 😂

As I went to see what exactly happened 2 years ago via fb memories, this blog post showed up. “Cats, Ghosts, and Delbert’s Whimsies”

I opened it and start reading back on Delbert Six, and as I do so, Danny grabs his keys to rush off to work. Then something happened. Oddly enough my favorite, and I suppose and only, hand carved Art Deco celluloid ring was sitting on top. Of course it flung off, crashed on the cat dish and broke into three pieces. It was probably filled with ghosts anyway. But the weird thing is is that I never wear this ring, except for yesterday. I was wearing lots of colors and thought this floral ring was a nice addition to my brightly colored floral dress. I took it off last night to cook dinner, and forgot to return it to it’s safe jewelry box.

“It’s only stuff”

A common phrase we told ourselves when we left everything behind in this creepy town. It’s fun to see how far we’ve come since then. Cats included.

– Amy McLeod

Hermetic Mountain

A quote for Uranus in Taurus

The moment that we realize that we are just fragments of ego caught in the algorithm of our time, is the moment we can live in true harmony with ourselves and others on social media.

-Amy McLeod

New Moon in Taurus – Tarot Reading

New moon meditation with this much needed Tarot spread.. after these three cards revealed themselves, my smile grew big and wide. I couldn’t have asked for a more positive reading. Especially when it comes to financial things.. seeing a combination of disks and princesses, I know I still have much to achieve, but so much more to look forward to. The future is looking very bright, and quite possibly in a more geomatic way. On the brink of transfiguration, I know what I need to do next. Listen to the earth, and embrace each moment of this circadian rhythm.
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Uranus in Taurus

As we embark on this new era entering Uranus in Taurus, we will see ourselves letting go of old traditions. Old traditions that may no longer serve our way of thinking. The way we think about our Self and others, and how they view us is formerly the focus. Its more so about our surrounding environment. Taurus being influenced by Venus the Planet of Love, we see ourselves more concerned with our close relationships, and how we are able to truly come together through freedom and growth. Since the last Uranus shift in Aries in 2011, our decision making was a little askew, not always thinking things through before we act. Uranus seeks sudden change, and Aries gave us the much needed fire to quickly make those changes. Wise or not. Taurus, who is the most earthy, and stable of signs, she is also one who does not like disruption. Especially in her home, or with her personal belongings. Anyone with this fixed sign in their chart will have to work a little harder understanding the equilibrium. But for everyone, nourishment of the body, mind, and soul will find you well. Create a good balance in your home and close relationships at this time. Though Uranus is here to shake things up, and could possibly change everything dramatically, meditation will help you think with a clear heart, and speak with more conviction. Making long lasting choices that rely more on stability. Authenticity in our way of being, whether that is through our words, music, art, agriculture, or our material business. Uranus in Taurus gives us a wave of creative expression. New innovations can be had here as well as advancements in technology. An eruption of inventiveness, if you will. Grounding our dreams makes a strong foundation for our future.

When planets return

Oh sweet Hermes. My mental current is stimulated, and I am finding myself insatiable for more knowledge. I can not stop writing, looking things up, and asking questions in my mind.

It’s funny to look back at this blog from 6 months ago, and to read what I wrote, and know what I was going through.

So much has changed.

With my 36th birthday feeling like a biggie, we did a year look ahead with The Rider Waite Colman Smith Tarot Deck to see what my future beholds. We did a simple Celtic Cross spread, and Danny read my cards. It’s been on my mind for a month, and basically I know if I write it down, it will manifest itself in its own way.  So here we go!

Birthday tarot reading done on


1. King of cups

2. Judgement

3. Queen of wands

4. 6 of swords

5. Queen of pentacles – reversed

6. King of pentacles

7. Ace of cups

8. 7 of wands

9. King of wands

10. Page of cups

With a couple of planets returning or having already returned to my natal spot I felt it was a good time to share my birthday reading. Pondering these cards for almost a month now, I understand, and feel the magic behind them. A lot of readings make me highly emotional, with how accurate they tend to be. This one hit me like a ton of bricks. Aching to get the shops up and running again, it’s no wonder this reading was all about work / career.


New possibilities, and perseverance is on the horizon. Leaving behind the mistrust, and lack of security from my recent past. Keeping the discussions open; engaging in conversations on an intellectual plane. Working with the monetary, or barter system as a successful merchant. Negotiations will be had with transactions, and trades.


Mercury in Gemini hits my natal spot tomorrow. Mental, and intuitive, I will be using the great Hermes to analyze my current situation, and “navigate dualities with great skill.” Creative and clever plans will take Hermetic Mountain to new heights. The ideas are spinning. My need for originality helps me see the contradictions in systems, and in others. Letting things happen organically, without force, as I journey through this life. I often ask myself “what sets you apart from everyone else?” Is it narcissistic to even think that? My mind is always racing with analytical questions. Questions about myself, my psyche, and how others perceive me. Is that narcissistic?? We all have this ego, how do I work with that in order to not be egotistical? I am not one who is full of themselves usually. Actually it’s really quite the opposite a lot of times. I suppose I am a person of this earth. 👽

Maybe the question is “what sets YOU apart?” And “how are YOU being perceived?” “Have YOU fully dismantled your ego?” “Have I?” “Do you even know what that means?” Ha! Does any of this matter anyway?

Mostly I’m just here for fun.
I am honest, and reliable. Artistic, and creative. Intuitive, and highly emotional. Sensitive, and fair. I can be quiet, and will listen extremely well. I hardly ask any of these questions outwardly, just in the privacy of our all fixed sign home. Judge not, lest ye be judged. Was it Jesus that said that? Haha I’m not super jesusy, but that line really makes sense.

Did any of this even make sense? It does to me, and I know what I need to do. Meditate, reflect, write and make stuff. Communicate, and have trust in others. GET HERMETIC MOUNTAIN back online. Do more tarot, take astrology, and herbalism classes. Volunteer with the raptors and my local theater!!! Do yoga, be mindful! Hike more!! My mind is racing with things to do.

It’s all happening. Slowly, surely, unfolding before my eyes. My patience will continue to be needed. I am just about there, cause I am already here.

-Amy McLeod

Excursion to Crystal Cave 5-27-17


Where to start? Where to begin? Usually the trailhead is a perfect place to start. But let me veer off trail for a moment, just to get you a little caught up. It’s been quite some time since our last blog post. 6 months to be exact. So much has changed. We’ve changed. And moved. Moved cross country to the lovely Treasure State of Montana. Livingston to be exact. A quaint little town known for being the “Gateway to Yellowstone” – back in the day this was the hot spot for all the travelers visiting the great Yellowstone National Park. It was the last train stop. Might be ours too, for a while, even considering our nomadic ways. We needed something drastic. So we chose here or here chose us. This move was maybe the most dramatic move we have ever decided on, next to Black Mountain, North Carolina. Another great mountain town. NYC was fun and all, but nature is a necessary part of our growth at the moment. Where we just moved from was none of those places… but an old ghost town in the foothills of Southern Ohio, Appalachia. For now we won’t go down that road, and we will leave it behind us. Now is perfect. Livingston is it. The picturesque mountains in the background, and the Yellowstone River rushing along side of us. Literally. We live right on this beautiful river that we wake up to everyday. How did we get here? Oh yeah, magic.

Sunrise on the Yellowstone River

Now that we’ve been here for a bit over 3 months, it seems like home. Like we’ve only lived here. There’s even some similarities about this place and my hometown. The school colors, and mascot are the same, it’s super artsy, with cute store fronts, old theaters, and lots of coffee shops. Plus the train tracks divide the town. However, I did not have these mountains to look at growing up.

Alpenglow on Livingston Peak

There is something to be said about the energy of this place. The wind, the water, the amazingly friendly people, there’s an energy vortex for sure. You can feel it. The pull. I sometimes just stare at the vortices in the water below for extended periods of time. Just watching the logs go round and round. Will they escape? Who knows? I feel the plight of that log sometimes. I’d be sad if I left here too. To leave a place called Paradise Valley would be crazy.

Absaroka Mountain Range – Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley is where we do most of our hiking these days. It’s near by, and we are learning some of the trails. We have been on many hikes, but this is one I must tell you about. It’s a tale of caution, and excitement, and maybe a little supernatural/psychedelia too. One of our last hikes, on May 27th, 2017 – Our destination was Crystal Cave. 6.5 miles up East Fork Mill Creek Trail in the Absaroka Mountain Range. Ok, a little day hike, no problem. The trail was marked moderate, so we didn’t think anything of it. It was a pretty easy going trail. Not too many switchbacks or steep climbs, just straight into the wide open wilderness. The great outdoors…if you will. We drove about 6 miles up Mill Creek Road till we arrived at the trailhead in the Custer Gallatin National Forest, adjacent to a giant ranch. As we get out of the car, we realize we are the only ones here. Just Danny and I. Seems woodsy, let’s go! The trail is a narrow, lightly trafficked horse trail that led the way through the magical forest. It was early morning (9:17am) so the dew was just drying on the wildflower petals. Little spring azure butterflies dance before us as we step over many horse poops from last year. Not many freshies on the trail where we were going. Especially once we past the 1/4 mile mark where it splits off to go to Highland Trail.

We were to stay on the path forward on East Fork Mill Creek Trail. As we continue through the lush green forest we see a beautiful mountain peak off in the distance, we get out our map to see what peak it is, cell service isn’t an option once you get up there. Turns out this sharp mountain peak is called Arrow Peak! It makes perfect sense. It looks like an arrow. It sits at 9122 ft in elevation. As we walk along we get better and better glimpses of this mountain top.

It’s quite a sight to see. Also down below we see the giant ranch. It’s fucking huge. Who lives there? I want to live there. At that point Danny says “I hope we don’t see this ranch during the whole hike” I replied “nah, we have 6 miles to go still. I doubt it.” It was almost at that moment when we turned a corner, and didn’t see it the rest of the way. Instead we came across our first little rock field. I have been told about rock fields, just never really understood what that meant. Now I know, and I will share more on that later. Danny kept calling this rock field- moss mountain. Steep, and straight up along side of the trail, it was made up of small loose-ish rocks covered in moss.

This rock formation is called scree or skritha; an old Nordic word for landslide. It’s all so new to me. As we hike, we realize how little we know about geology. The new landscapes have our minds racing. What is this? How was this formed? We find ourselves doing lots of research when we get home. Most of the Absarokas were formed by volcanic activity. Every time we hike we can feel our brains growing, scanning and taking in the energy and vibrations all around us. So much so it was starting to freak us out. We could both sense we were not alone in the woods.

After the views of Arrow Peak, we could hear Mill Creek roaring closer and closer. We then came to a little bridge, a bridge we would be grateful for later on. At this time we didn’t know the significance of this bridge, but now it means so much to me. Back on the trail and back to the creek! This massive white water creek was lined with thick pine forest. It held so much energy. It was giving me tingles, and I felt like I was having some kind of psychedelic experience. I could almost see the vibrations they were so intense.

Mill Creek

Sensing the creek’s mystical powers, and tapping into the wilderness energy. I kept saying the things I wanted to see, and not even seconds would go by before seeing them. First animal was a golden eagle. I said to Danny “I want to see a large flying bird,” and as we walked a another couple of steps, a huge golden eagle was startled by us, spread his wings, and flew up right in front of us! Never did I have enough time to get my phone out  to take a picture, you just have to take that moment in. Next was elk. I haven’t seen very many in the wild, just a few along side of the highway, grazing. After mentioning that I wanted to see some, I saw two cute elk faces staring at us through the woods about 30 feet away. Danny didn’t notice them, so I slowly pulled him back to see these cute little faces staring back at us. Only lasting for another second, cause Danny’s bear-bell scared them away. But it was glorious, and super exciting. Now we know the bear-bell works. And it’s probably what keeps us safe on this hike. I was a little annoyed when he first put it on and it started jingling, I was right behind it and I was looking forward to taking in all the nature sounds. After a few minutes, I knew why we needed it. We were getting pretty deep into the woods.

About an hour into the hike we come upon another sign. This time it’s the Elbow Lake split off. Again we were to stay on trail no. 51 – up East Fork Mill Creek Trail. After the sign, the landscape opens up some, and you enter into a different feeling magical forest. You can see big sheer rock faces that must have been 700 ft down. Striped with reddish hues, and lined in pine trees. The creek, now right next to us, was extremely loud! Super intense vibrations coming off of these waters, definitely feels like the acid is kicking in strong, even though we didn’t take any. We started to hear what sounded like children playing in the creek, but we know we are the only ones there. Usually eager to check out the creek and see what stones we might find, we didn’t bother going down there. We knew this was bear country. Sasquatch county? Maybe?

After trotting along for another little while, on the right there is a whole mountain side of burnt pine trees, but the forest floor was lush below. You could see everything. All I could do was look for bears or movement of any kind. We are the farthest into the wilderness we have ever been, and we are feeling very uneasy, especially as we hike into  what I like to call “Mountain Lion Alley.”

“Mountain Lion Alley” consists of small, rocky outcrops, low bushes, and again with the red striped 700ft + rock faces, but now they surround us. If I was a large cat, this is where I would want to hangout. In this kind of wilderness you really have to be mindful, and aware of your surroundings, using all of your senses. Like a cat. These senses are here for a reason. Still letting Mr. Jingles take the lead, I begin to make lots of noise by clapping and talking loud. This makes Danny nervous. He knows I’m tapped into these nature vibrations.

As the forest opens up into a field of partially burnt pine trees, there are these magical boulders all over the forest floor. Plants and wildflowers I have never seen before in my life. It’s like Jurassic Park here. The rock faces are more visible and looking more and more sheer. The colors and layers are so vibrant. What fossils lie beneath? The open forest is turning lush again. Knee high bright green bushes line the way to an opening. The creek still roaring below us. I decided to come clean about hearing children playing in this seriously rushing creek. Turns out I wasn’t the only one hearing these strange sounds. What is that? Is it some type of frequency we are not accustomed to? As the forest opens up again, it’s now our second magical boulder field. This one has a stronger energy pull. I look down and there is a perfect triangle of quartz embedded in another stone. Of course I instantly stand on it to feel it’s healing.

Does this point to Pyramid mountain, or Fire Lake? Pretty sure Fire Lake. It is the Fire symbol after all. In the meantime, Danny was captivated by this old crawling juniper bush. This thing was massive.

Continuing our adventure, bear-bell jangling, loud talking, and generally making lots of ruckus. There seems to be a lot of “HOLY SHIT!” moments. Our eyes are bulging out of our heads. It’s all so astonishing. Off in the distance we see more incredible mountain views. Must be The Pyramid! This is a mystical place for sure. I suppose it should be, if the trail ends at a place called Crystal Cave. We are eager to check it out.

Back on the trail, it is nearing lunch time and we are are getting hungry. We both agree to keep pushing on and just eat an energy bar. As we enter another foresty bit, the spring azure butterflies are back, and one so graciously opens its wings for me to get a good photo. This trail is pure magic, but we are still feeling very exposed. There’s so many places for animals to be lurking, and you wouldn’t even see them. Just razor sharp claws and teeth tearing into our soft, soft flesh. Still hiking in what I consider “Mountain Lion Alley,” the terrain changes to a open field, with rolling hills, and with a few pine trees scattered about. The air smells so fresh up here.

Now about 4 hours into the hike, we turn around and all you can see behind us is “The Crazies” The Crazy Mountains. They themselves are an energy vortex. Incredibly beautiful, majestic, and crazy looking. Hence the name “The Crazies” they actually got their name from a story of a woman who’s family was massacred. She went crazy, and disappeared into the mountains, never to return.

Drawing ever closer to our destination, we are feeling tired, but extremely determined. Just ahead is another rock field!! This time it’s bigger rocks, and straight down a mountainside. When the rocks are large and stable  this is called “Talus Deposits.” What is this alien land? I’ve never seen it before, let alone hike through it. The trail is getting skinnier, but a perfect photo opportunity is to the right, slightly off trail. I jump off trail to snap a quick photo, in a very excited fashion. Little did I know, we were coming up on what would be the most terrifying part for me. Full on talus mountain. To the left it was straight up, nothing but big grey rocks. No signs of life on this mountainside. Not even a wildflower. To the right, it was straight down. Talus deposits. You know that feeling when you get that urge to walk faster? Not wanting to show my panic, I just said “keep it moving.” Only took us a few minutes to cross this terrifying terrain. When we arrived at the other side, we see our first little patch of ice. We should have known right then and there to turn around. Danger ensues.

Soon after we get  back into the dark, creepy woods, we discover a camping site. Now nearing 1:30 pm we figured this was a good time to stop and take a late lunch break. I think it was leftover cast iron pizza from the night before. Even though we are now looking at snow, this campsite was just what we needed. Seems like a cool place to stay the night. After we devour our food and guzzle up some water, we head back on the trail. Still have a little ways to go to get to Crystal Cave.

A quarter to 2pm we come up on another sign. Part of it was askew, laying on the ground, pointing in an indeterminate direction, so that was a little disconcerting. Luckily, we have a physical map, and GPS is still guiding us up the trail as well. On the right path, we continue on our journey. Not even 3 minutes go by before having to take another picture of an amazingly clear pool of water with shimmering rocks below. Quartz, feldspar, fluorite, agate? Probably all of it, and more I don’t even know about.

Persistent on getting to the cave, we wash our hands and move along. The water is so cold and refreshing. I could have probably stayed there a few more minutes. It is getting late in the day, and we still have to make it home tonight. In hindsight, we should have brought camping gear to sleep outside under the stars. Taking it all in, and taking less pictures, relentlessly determined on getting to this cave. We must complete our goal. Back in magical forest fairyland, we see a small morel mushroom. Neither of us have ever seen one before in the wild. Even having many friends who hunt for them, and spending lots of time in the woods. This is a first for both of us. Feeling very close now as we see the last sign on our expedition. Also broken, but still legible. This one heads to “Mill Creek Pass Trail” which you could take all the way to West Boulder. THAT would be an incredible experience. As we continue, I see this big flat boulder on the side of the trail. I immediately plop on top of it laying my arms across, hugging it. I feel so grateful to be here at this moment. After that rock-love session, we hike through rolling hills of green again, it’s very peaceful here. The only sounds we hear are natural ones. No highway sounds, cell phones dinging, or planes flying above. NOW we are in the farthest we’ve ever been into nature. The wind picks up, the air is feeling a little colder, and we are starting to see more and more snow. With a dead pine forest next to us, and some dead trees up ahead are creaking. There was one in particular we had to walk under. It was leaning against another tree over the trail. It started to creak really loud. Seeing how many downed trees there were on the forest floor, that made me extra nervous, so I yelled to Danny “Go! Go! Go!” I can be really funny in the woods apparently. Danny seems to get a kick out of my behaviors. Now the snow is getting deeper and deeper.

My sick determination is getting the best of me at this point, and I just need to find this cave!! We are now 6 hours into this hike, 6.5 miles, and now trying to get through 4 feet of hard packed snow. Wearing my vintage Doc Martin Oxfords, and a pair of thick woolen socks Danny had given me, it was becoming very treacherous. This cave has got to be here somewhere!! GPS says we are directly on it, but clearly we aren’t, or we just can’t see it because of all the snow. It’s impossible. Is it over here? No. Is it over here? Ughhh it’s really frustrating me, and falling through the snow was making it even more difficult, and making me more emotional. We stopped being able to tell where the trail went, and we walking in circles. Moments of uncertainty, leading to the edge of panic. I was so mad that we weren’t finding it. I was so determined. After seeing a few bear prints, and Danny got a soaker, falling through the snow with melt water, rushing below. Both of our feet now freezing, and soaking wet. We knew it was too dangerous. And fuck, now it’s 4pm!!! How are we ever going to make it back??? Oh so miserable and upset. And freezing. Fucking freezing. Crying and just sad we couldn’t find it, Danny offers me a sandwich as consolation. I begrudgingly accept, I’m now hiking through hard packed snow, crying, freezing, borderline lost, and now trying to eat a sandwich. It’s ridiculous. Feet are cold, wet, and starting to prune. Out of rage, I almost throw my sandwich into the woods, but instead give it to Danny to put back in his pack. He tries his best to be supportive, and tell me I’m doing great. It’s almost evening and we know the sun will begin setting in a few hours, so we gotta hustle. And hustle we did. After wringing out our socks a few times and our feet back on dry ground, we booked it. Hiking 3 miles in an hour. There are 2 hours where I didn’t even stop to take a picture!?! This is very unlike me. We still had 3.5 miles to go. Now the sun is directly in front of us and  it was starting to dry our feet and give us life again. We got this. Our son was out with his friends, but was expecting us home that evening.

The way back is a way shorter story, all I remember is how fast we hiked. Talus mountain still made me nervous, I told Danny how freaked out it made me on that mountainside. We booked it even faster. The way back always looks different, especially when the sun is shining on the rock faces. Trudging along, this trail is never ending. Kinda like this blog post. Remembering the landscapes, I noticed we were already back hiking through “Mountain Lion Alley.” Still feeling exposed, amazed, mind blown, all the feels, I noticed what appears to be a large golden sleepy cat turning its body around up on a rocky outcrop. Was this my mind playing tricks on me? Or did I actually just see a mountain lion? Either way,  I told Danny to move it!! The sun was starting to set as we were just leaving the burnt pine forest. Hiking, still hiking. We make it back to the little bridge! It is a sign of hope. We both collapsed, and ate another energy bar, crying tears of joy. But only for a minute. It is now almost 8pm, and we are not out yet. Fatigued, but knowing we are nearing the end of the trail, and still hustling so we don’t get caught in the woods after dark. No flashlights, our only source of light is the flashlight on our iPhones. Seems like we are just right around the corner from the trailhead. Especially after we see the sun eclipsing Arrow Peak! Finally, Arrow Peak!! It’s just glorious.

We kept pushing on. I was starting to feel nauseous and lightheaded from so much hiking, I had to stop and take a break. Proceeding to get physically sick, and almost feeling like the flu was coming on. I slowly drink water till I feel better, so I can finish this hike! Cain (our son) must be worried about us by now, or not because he’s a teen. We have not had phone signal all day. That is a little freaky in and of itself. Getting a little equilibrium back, we continue on. Finally seeing the sign for the 1/4 mile mark, we are starting to get excited. Our legs were hurting, and mine were getting shaky. I felt really weird. I knew we had to get out of there! We can do this! We are just about done!! We kept seeing the ranch below, and horse poops on the trail again. More hope!! Poops of hope! The sky was getting darker and darker, it is now 9pm and we magically pop out of the woods and see our car!! Oh it’s beautiful!!! More tears of joy, and seriously amazed at what we just accomplished.

Finally in the car, we pour a huge cup of cold brew coffee that we left in there for our reward afterwards. It was some of the most delicious coffee I’ve ever had in my life. Still totally out of it, I wonder how Danny is able to drive. I can hardly feel my feet, and my legs feel like jello. He said he wasn’t hurting too bad, so I numbingly stare out the passenger window, looking at the mountains we were just hiking as they get smaller and smaller. During our ride home I started to wonder if anyone has gone missing in these mountains. I remember a guy who wrote some books about people missing in the National Forest. Was this area one of them?? I discuss my thoughts with Danny, so of course as soon as we get home we immediately open Google to look up missing persons in the national forest. We come across a story from the Missing 411 books about a young man who went missing in the Crazies a few years ago! A very sad and mysterious story. My heart goes out to his friends and family.

You can learn a lot from these kinds of events. Never travel alone, always carry bear spray, and make your presence known. Nature is a beautiful but harsh place. Be prepared. Be alert. Even if you are on familiar grounds.

Only 24 hour of rest, and we were back hiking, another 5 miles up a mountain. A week later, we found ourselves in the Crazies. Since then we have gone on 3 more hikes, and bought some bear spray!
The hike to Crystal Cave wasn’t a total success, so we are already planning our next excursion there. This time with more people, and wait till melt season is over. Maybe camp at the top, so we don’t have to do it all in one day. I’m excited to see what this cave has in store for us.

-Amy McLeod

End of 2016 Tarot Chakra Reading

This reading was done on the supermoon at 12am November 14, 2016

With 2016 coming to an end I wanted to do a tarot reading for myself based on what chakras are balanced, and what needs to be weakened or strengthened to achieve full balance for 2017.

From the root to the crown chakra I received:

1. Root – Three of Wands

2. Sacral – Five of cups

3. Solar plexus – The Chariot

4. Heart – Nine of Pentacles

5. Throat – The Empress

6. Third eye – Two of wands

7. Crown – King of Pentacles

*stones / talismans were chosen before the reading occurred.


Muladhara Chakra (Root Chakra) – Three of Wands – Lord of Established Strength – Sun in Aries – The stone chosen was Obsidian.

Key words for root chakra:

•Food / Shelter



The root Chakra is located at the base of the spine, the first three vertebrae. This chakra is the foundation of life.
Element: Earth

Ruling Planet: Mars

Key words for Three of Wands:
•Looking ahead

•Rapid Growth


•Realization of Hope

The Lord of Established Strength is ruled by the sun in Aries, 10⁰-20⁰

The image shows a hand emerging from thick heavy clouds, holding three wands in the center; two of them are crossed and the center wand stands upright. Flames emanate from the junction, and from both sides, like giant pillars. The center wand has the sun at the top, and a rams head at the bottom, representing Aries.

This card combined with the root chakra makes me feel strong, sure of myself, and positive I can turn any dream into a reality. Overcoming any obstacle with positive hope for the future. Stability is on its way, but only if I make it so. This chakra is balanced, not much focus is needed here.


Svadhisthana Chakra (Sacral Chakra) – Five of Cups – Lord of Loss in Pleasure – Venus in Scorpio – Stone chosen: A piece of coral I found in Negril, Jamaica on the Seven Mile Beach in 2010 on my husbands and I’s 10 year anniversary.

Key words for Sacral Chakra:




The Sacral Chakra is located in the hypogastric plexus; genitals.
The inspiration to create begins in the second chakra.

Element: Water

Ruling Planet: Mercury

Key words for Five of Cups:





The Lord of Loss in Pleasure pertains to the first Decan of Scorpio ruled by Mars, thus Mars in Scorpio 1⁰-10⁰ – Five empty cups surround a large inverted pentacle in the center of the card -suggesting loss. At the bottom of the card are fallen water lily petals. Although the lotus stems emerge between the cups like a fountain, no water flows here.

This shows me that I need to step into the astral realms a bit more. Tap into my true psychic abilities through dreams. There might be something from the past that I am grieving over, and if I fully let go, there is still hope to change anything that might be holding me back. This card does not necessarily mean a physical death. Maybe it’s something more mental. This is a chakra that may need some extra meditation work. It is however “the dwelling place of the self.” Yoga and meditation is always a nice way to bring your mind, body, and soul back to center. The here and now. Usually when I’m in a meditative mind frame I’m able to visualize my dreams better. Being aware of important goals and priorities in life, and in turn having better relationships with the people around me. Positive and creative energy is contagious. Dreams go far.


Manipura Chakra (Solar Plexus Chakra) – The Chariot – Lord of the Triumph of Light – Cancer – Stone chosen: Amber (aka: Freyja Tear)

I found this amusing since I picked the stone before picking the card. In Norse mythology Freyja rides a chariot pulled by her two cats. The card The Chariot is shown with two sphinxes at the bottom of the chariot. Our cats name is Freyja, and we recently took in two kittens for her to play with.

Key Words for the Solar Plexus Chakra:





The third chakra, Manipura Chakra is located in the Solar Plexus; epigastric plexus; navel.

The energy force of this Chakra impels the person to develop his ego, his identity in the world.

Element: Fire

Ruling Planet: Sun

Key words for The Chariot:






Lord of the Triumph of Light is a card of balance. A crowned figure (Hermes) stands tall in his chariot, he controls with a magical sword and wands the powers of good and evil, thus maintaining a state of total balance. At the top center of the card, boldly placed is the sign of Cancer and between the sphinxes at the bottom is the sign of the crab. Hermes wears chain mail and steel, almost like the armor of a crab. The four pillars beam up to the sky, and the ten stars represent the material world. The wheels of the chariot represent the energy of Geburah. At the center of the card is the Holy Grail. The Chariot of Hermes is drawn by two sphinxes. The sphinxes signify power and love held under control. Great Hermes guides them. However the chariot is not in motion because it represents equilibrium.

This card and Chakra go so well together, at least for me at this moment. Taking control of my health, and having the willpower to continue with my work, and the means to balance it all. I have a clear vision of what life I want to live. That involves being active, in my mind, and body. A rebirth, a renewal of ego, and with that ego it also reminds me to stay with on top of my game with my work. A friend told me the other day that the word “Ego” is not always a bad thing as long as it is coupled with the internal. I felt that was very inspiring. We must be aware of our actions in order to achieve full balance. Once that happens we can truly be illuminated. This chakra has serious great potential to be strong and balanced. I feel closer to this everyday through yoga, and breath work. Healthy living helps me feel balanced.


Anahata Chakra (Heart Chakra) – Nine of Pentacles – Lord of Material Gain – Venus in Virgo – Stone chosen: Rose Quartz since it is widely known for being “The Heart Stone”, it is also one of my birthstones.

Key words for the Heart Chakra: •Balance




Anahata Chakra is located in the cardiac plexus; the heart.
To achieve balance on all levels, one must become aware of his own karma. Illuminate through positive intention.

Element: Air

Ruling Planet: Venus

Key words for Nine of Pentacles:






With this card; Lord of Material Gain, comes complete realization of material gain. The pentacles are gently turning, suggesting the gradual exhaustion of the original energy. The symbols of Virgo and an encircled Venus are shown at the top of the card. Venus encircled also appears at the bottom.

Venus is the ruling planet for the Heart Chakra, The Nine of Pentacles, and myself (a Taurus), this couldn’t resonate with me any more. Achieving balance in my heart and soul, centered, evoking Kundalini Shakti. Evolution through my art, gaining wisdom and inner strength within my self.

When looking at the Nine of Pentacles card I get a sense of balance and accomplishment. This chakra is balanced, however heart meditations are always welcome here.


Vishuddha Chakra (Throat Chakra) – The Empress – Daughter of the Mighty Ones – Libra – Stone chosen: Sodalite

Key words for the Throat Chakra: •Purification


The Fifth Chakra is the Throat Chakra – Also known as Vishuddha Chakra – Spoken words come from the fifth Chakra, giving voice to the emotions within the heart.

Element: Akasha; sound

Ruling Planet: Jupiter

Key words for The Empress: •Beauty







The Daughter of the Mighty Ones – The Empress is the Greek figure of Aphrodite. Beautiful, and nurturing. Ruled by Venus, the sign of Libra appears at the top of the card above the Empress. The swirling flames beside her represent her birth from water. The twelve stars overhead represent the 12 signs of the zodiac that surrounds her. She holds a diamond scepter, indicating power. The Empress has wings and is clothed in the sun. She is the center of the Emperor. She has a black eagle at her feet which is the counterpart of the alchemical eagle of the Emperor. Above the eagle, at the Empress’ knees, is the inverted crescent moon.

On my never ending quest to achieve cosmic consciousness, I know in my heart that this Chakra has probably had the most work, and will continue to get the most work. Always researching ideas, and seeking knowledge on a human plane. Understanding the fractal groove within nature. The circadian rhythm. To complete work on this Chakra; I need to continue my focus on bringing light to the world through my art while using my inner voice, and in a positive way. Becoming a master of my entire self. True Shakti. The divine feminine.

A chakra that is balanced and needs little to no meditation work.

** I am very in tune with The Empress, she speaks to me through an unknown, ancient past life. She was the first tarot card I ever pulled, many years ago. A reading that still holds true to events in my life to this day.


Ajna Chakra (Third Eye Chakra) – Two of Wands – Lord of Dominion – Mars in Aries – Stone Chosen: Lapis Lazuli
Key words for Ajna Chakra: •Authority

•Unlimited Power

The sixth chakra is The Third Eye Chakra. It is located at the Pineal Plexus; Medula Plexus; the point between the eyebrows.
Element: Tattva, from Maha Tattva come the five mahabhutas (elements: akasha, air, fire, water and earth.)

Key Words for Two of Wands: •Strength






•Harmony of Rule

Lord of Dominion is ruled by the first decan of Mars in Aries. The symbols for both Aries and Mars appear at the top and bottom of the card. A hand in the center grasps two crossed wands. Flames emanate from the point of junction. Each wand is topped with a rams head representing Aries. At the bottom are globes with an arrow pointing down to represent Mars. Two small wands above, and below have flames issuing forth.

Knowing myself and my restless nature to achieve true enlightenment, or illumination, I must continue to meditate and get that pineal gland decalcified. To evolve through this chakra means to reveal the divine within and reflect divinity within others. For my aura to manifest itself in a such a way that is calm and relaxed to the vibrations around me. To become true in my cosmic consciousness. “There is no observed and no observer.” Understanding the clairvoyant visions I see, and to see the past present and future through a state of samadhi (realized nonduality) during all actions. To gain a complete sense of oneness. The mind is a strong and powerful thing. All is mind.
This chakra could use some focused energy meditation. It is nearly balanced.


Sahasrara Chakra (Crown Chakra) – King of Pentacles – Prince of the Chariot of Earth – Aries / Taurus – Stone Chosen: Amethyst

Key Words for Sahasrara Chakra:

•Empty / Void

•Pure Bliss




The seventh chakra (crown chakra) is located at the top of the cranium; cerebral plexus. Also known as: “Dwelling place without support” Minor chakra: Soma chakra (Nectar; of the moon) is located above the “third eye” in the center of the forehead and below Kameshvara Chakra. (Pure bliss; total awareness.)

Key words for King of Pentacles:






•Increased good


•Character and Intelligence

Representing the element Earth, King of Pentacles rules from 20⁰ Aries to 20⁰ Taurus. Airy part of Earth. A winged figure who wears an elaborate headdress is seen behind a chariot drawn by a bull. In his left hand he is holding an orb facing down to imply his involvement in agriculture. In his right hand he is holding an orb scepter with a cross adorning the top, to signify The Great work accomplished. The flowers of fertility grow beneath him.
The essence of being is what the seventh chakra is all about. To realize the divinity within myself, I know there is only looking at the self. The cosmic self. To gain full luminescence I need to be strong in my mind. To be reliable, and diligent. With hard work, comes abundance. Maybe enter the void for a bit to see my true power. I am all that’s holding me back. This last chakra will always need a little work.

As we complete another cycle around our star 2016 was mars-y at best. The Hermetic principle “All is Mind” really helped us push through our toughest challenges. As we hurl into 2017 we will continue to have that attitude, as we expect more exciting things to come.

-Amy McLeod

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